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Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars

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By Allan Girdler — Hardbound 180 pages with many high-quality black & white and color photos.

Back in 1903 or so, when Indian was the king of motorcycle manufacturers and Harley-Davidson was an upstart working out of a shed, an Indian rider met a Harley rider on the open road. They looked each other in the eye, claimed “Bet mine is faster” and set out to settle the issue. For the next 50 years the two companies raced, fought, won & lost, and traded insults. This is the story of that long standing feud.

The Harley-Davidson and Indian Wars is a story of triumph and tragedy, never told before, and it’s as American as, well, Harley-Davidson and Indian.

All new color photographs of restored motorcycles, archival photography prior to World War II, advertisements, race posters, and memorabilia. Harley-Davidson and Indian mirrored each other’s designs, with one and then the other, introducing new technology and forcing the other back to the drawing board. Harley-Davidson eventually prevailed when Indian went out of business in 1954, yet the rivalry is still evident today.

This best-selling book is now out of print and purchased the last few remaining copies from the publisher. You can buy a new copy of this book on Amazon for over $90 or a used one for $23. We sell them for the $29.95 list price (plus shipping) while supplies last.

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