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American Iron Power

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Look out! Blink and you might miss this special newsstand-only issue from American Iron, the first of two special issues planned for 2017. And this one is a page ripper. We’ve gone out and found some of the fastest, most skin-rippling speed machines and put them all in one place. American Iron Magazine editor Steve Lita shows you what goes into the motor rebuild at the Georgia headquarters of STAR Power. The Twin Cam upgrade produced 130 hp on the dyno—and that’s one of the tamer engines the STAR team builds! Or perhaps you were looking to see what a supercharger would do when paired with a Thunderstroke 111 motor; if that’s the case, Tyler will show you the step-by-step process used by the folks at Lloyd’z Motorworkz to get gains of 30 hp and 30 ft-lbs. of torque. We found a rubber-ripping Sportster that makes approximately 200 hp and an owner-built FXR that hammers out 100 hp. And Bryan Harley profiles the light and powerful, brand-new Indian FTR750, which has been impressively raking in the wins early in the American Flat Track season. All high-performance, high-octane, high-speed motorcycles for the speed enthusiasts. This issue hit newsstands on May 16, and it is sure to have you firing through the pages at a speed appropriate for the drag strip or salts.

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